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#FergusonDispatch: @Nettaaaaaaaa | Nerves

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Today is August 25, 2014. Michael Brown Jr’s funeral is today. I am so nervous. In the sixteen days since an unarmed Mike Brown was gunned down and executed in the street, a lot has happened in not just the city of Ferguson, but the greater St. Louis region as well. For sixteen days the people of this city have been at war with what seems to be homegrown terrorists, the police. There has been a night of rioting, including small amounts of looting but the media looked past the obvious fact… The police encouraged it. The looting was stopped by protesters before it escalated, and some local men simply manned the doors so the looting couldn’t start. Before the national guard was deployed into Ferguson, there were 2 nights of peaceful protesting with no police involvement to aggravate the crowds. For 2 nights, the city of Ferguson did just that. Certain organizations directed traffic, others passed out food and water to protesters, clergy walked the streets with protesters marching for justice. No matter how peaceful the protests during the night, earlier and earlier into the evening police from all municipalities set up barricades blocking Ferguson. West Florissant, a street used by many residents of St. Louis to get home during traffic hour could only be traveled if your state ID had a Ferguson address after 5:30pm at the earliest. We would take the back streets to get into the neighborhood and deliver water, food, milk for tear gas victims, etc.
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