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    No, You Can’t Use Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson to Defend Richie Incognito

    Comedian and social media gadfly Jim Norton is at it again. Norton, you may recall, famously defended former “Opie and Anthony” shock jock Anthony Cumia after Cumia went on a racist and sexist Twitter rant against an African American woman he claimed had hit him last July. Cumia’s employer, SiriusXM, fired him, which prompted Norton’s…

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  • Tillman
    What an NFL Hero Looks Like

    One of the saddest images to emerge in a NFL season that so far has been filled with horrible images was that of Charles Tillman, sitting on the sidelines of last night’s Bears-49ers game in newly minted Levi’s Stadium, tears streaming down his face. Tillman had just reinjured his right triceps, the same muscle he…

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    What About Ben?

    I didn’t watch the Steelers-Ravens game on Thursday Night Football, and it’s not because I’m already overdosing on the NFL … although, with the obscene proliferation of televised games this year, that’s not altogether out of the question. No, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch a game that could fairly be called the Super…

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    I Hate You, Rick Neuheisel

    The year was 1983. I had graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign the previous spring, and I still had my gaudy orange key ring that boldly if hilariously proclaimed: “The ’80s Belong To The Illini.” And, in fact, between the as-yet-unsanctioned football and basketball programs run by Mike White and Lou Henson, respectively,…

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    Death and Coincidences

    January 20, 1993, was a memorable day. It was the day of Bill Clinton’s first inauguration, and he was the first Democrat to win the presidency since Jimmy Carter’s ill-fated, single post-Watergate term in office. My parents, FDR-style Democrats who survived the Great Depression and fought World War II, had begun to think they wouldn’t…

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    The Curious Case of the Poor, Beleaguered Former Secretary of State

    Condoleezza Rice, who served as Pres. George W. Bush’s National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, recently turned down an invitation to deliver the commencement address at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to the dismay of many would-be First Amendment scholars and free-speech purists. Her reason? The wide-spread student protests that greeted the…

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    Dear White Sox Fans …

    Thank you for reminding us, again, that you’re fans of the South Siders. Although, it was kind of a giveaway, what with the matching jacket and cap. Not to mention the faded “2005 World Series Champions” bumper sticker on your pickup truck. And the Sox flag you fly off your front porch year-round, rain, snow,…

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    UPDATE: Northwestern Football Players Allowed to Unionize

    On Tuesday, I wrote about the efforts of Northwestern University football players, led by their former quarterback, Kain Colter, to win the right to unionize under the auspices of the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA). Now, I’m not saying that piece had any influence on the National Labor Relations Board, but let’s just say it…

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    Northwestern Football: Look for the Union Label

    Damn you, Kain Colter. As a die-hard fan of the University of Illinois, it’s my sworn duty to hate our in-state rival, Northwestern. And most of the time, I do. But you, sir, have caused me to set that rivalry on the back burner while I ponder this: In January, the Chicago Tribune reported that…

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    The Sports Fan’s Infinite Capacity to Look the Other Way: NHL Edition

    If you Google the name Semyon Varlamov, the first hit you come across will probably involve his less-than-stellar performance as a goalie for the Russian Federation during last month’s Winter Olympics. Like this story from Sports Illustrated: When Semyon Varlamov was yanked in Russia’s final hockey game at the Sochi Olympics after allowing three goals…

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