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Elon James White | VALID | #TWIBnation
  • ejw_3yrold
    NBC Investigations Discovers 3-Year-Old Information | #Obamacare #ACA

    In the cable news world everyone wants to seem like they’re fair and balanced. CNN makes fun of MSNBC, MSBNC makes fun of Fox News, Fox News makes fun of everyone who doesn’t agree with Fox News. It’s a madhouse of folks claiming they are the real deal while everyone else is biased. Then you…

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  • ejw_cruz
    How To Be A Douchebag: Ted Cruz | #StandYourGround

    Ted Cruz is magic. Not only was he one of the reasons that the country was on the verge of economic collapse in the past few weeks, but that wasn’t enough for him.  Mr. Cruz thought to himself “If I worked hard enough I could be even more of a douche. Oh, Stand Your Ground…

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  • ejw_lemon
    Don Lemon And The Politics Of Being An Asshole

    I’d like to first apologize for jumping on the “Kick Don Lemon” train. Besides some tweets and jokes on TWiB Radio, I really had nothing else to say about the guy. His latest role as  “truth teller to the masses”  has been mocked pretty hard, but Lemon is still going. In his brain, he isn’t…

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  • ejw_higgs
    Nobel Prize Winners Ain’t Nothin’ To Eff With

    So did you hear? Two scientists have won the Nobel prize in physics for their work on the theory of the Higgs boson. Peter Higgs from the UK, and Francois Englert from Belgium, shared the prize. In the 1960s they were among several physicists who proposed a mechanism to explain why the most basic building…

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  • D1 White 2

    There are no smart Black Women on Twitter. What? You think that’s a ridiculous statement? Well not if you’re Fast Company who just released their list of “25 of the Smartest Women on Twitter” and apparently couldn’t find one smart Black woman who made the cut. Well, BlogHer editor and TWiB host Feminista Jones was…

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  • D1 White 4
    Rand Paul Says Blacks Can Vote Just Fine

    “The interesting thing about voting patterns now is in this last election, African-Americans voted at a higher percentage than whites in almost every one of the states that were under the special provisions of the federal government,” he said. “So really, I don’t think there is objective evidence that we’re precluding African-Americans from voting any…

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  • Why We Ain’t Free: Russell Simmons Promotes Tubman Sex Tape Spoof

    This video is real. You’re looking at what is supposed to be a funny spoof about how Harriet Tubman blackmailed her “massa.” You’re supposed to laugh because it shows that she took the power and got the upper hand. Isn’t this hilarious? What? You’re not laughing? I’m not either. Humor is above all else subjective….

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