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    The Myth Of Tomorrowland: Thoughts On A Protest

    There was a protest in my neighborhood yesterday. The president is in town, fundraising for the DNC. He’s staying at one of the city’s most expensive hotels in the heart of downtown San Jose, and the people gathered in the public square facing the hotel–La Plaza De Cesar Chavez –to demonstrate against the Keystone XL…

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    Media Matters: The Union You Want vs. The Union You’ll Get

    It’s a truism of politics that the people, parties, or organizations you choose to support will inevitably do something to betray your trust. Regardless of partisan allegiances or mission statements, the intersection of money, opinion, and cause is always a messy one, fraught with missteps and gaffes and broken promises. However, knowing this does little…

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    Hobby Lobby, Ashley McGuire, & The Big Picture (VIDEO)

    I just finished watching Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture segment on Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, the ACA birth control mandate case now being heard before the Supreme Court. More accurately, I should say that I just watched Catholic Associate fellow and shill for Big Jesus Ashley McGuire rather shamelessly defend corporate personhood in the name…

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    Fred Phelps Is Dead, And I Don’t Care

    I don’t want to talk about Fred Phelps. I don’t want to talk about the Westboro Baptist Church. They don’t deserve the press; it’s exactly what they want, so why on earth would we ever give it to them? But like a scab you can’t help but pick just to watch it bleed, Fred Phelps…

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    In Which Gov. Cuomo’s Prison Education Plan Is Demolished By Selfishness

    Last month, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to resume state-funded college education programs for prison inmates. Never to be confused with anyone altruistic, Cuomo advocated his plan by telling voters to “(f)orget nice; let’s talk about self-interest. . . . You pay $60,000 for a prison cell for a year. You put…

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    Wayne LaPierre’s NRA Diorama Of Dystopia, White Fright Edition

    To find a perfect portrait of the dystopian nightmare that plagues the otherwise pristine, Aryan dreamscape of the Republican Party, one need look no further than NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre’s recent speech at the annual conservative circle-jerk known to the world as CPAC. In Hofstadter’s tradition, Mr. LaPierre is the paranoid…

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