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    “Orange Is The New Black” Reminds Gays They Used To Be Radical

    Netflix’s latest binge-worthy original series, Orange Is The New Black, has rightly been praised for showing a spectrum of female sexuality. Impressively, its many female characters present varied, dynamic sexual orientations, both queer and straight. Perhaps the most unprecedented representation of female sexuality is the character of Sophia Burset, a Black transwoman. Burset is a…

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    Drone Policy Is the Most Important Racism

    Salon’s arc of fail last week began with David Sirota’s meditation that “we are all targets now,” which spawned a minor revolution on social media and inspired TWiB Prime to break its hiatus for the “This Motherfucker Right Here Hour.” Now, Cornel West, among many others, has repeated the parallel, alleging that Obama is a…

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    It’s Not Just Florida: The New States’ Rights Doctrine

    Harry Reid’s comments on Sunday’s Meet the Press capped off a month of events that has made this country’s legislative and legal trend suddenly clear: states’ rights is back, with a vengeance. Reid’s comments make clear his intent to keep heroically doing nothing for citizens in states like Florida, with its broken justice system, and Texas,…

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  • Coming Out Pro-Choice

    Throughout the week of July 8, Texas women and their allies converged on Austin, camped out on the capitol grounds and in its chambers, and simultaneously raised hell on Twitter and any TV station that would listen. Why? The bill up for debate in a special session, an omnibus antiabortion bill full of unconstitutional restrictions,…

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  • SCOTUSWatch: DOMA/Prop 8

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the grounds that it violated the federal constitution.  SCOTUS also held that the group who sued to keep Prop 8 on the books in California (thereby keeping same-sex marriages from resuming there) did not have standing to sue on that issue. “Standing”…

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  • SCOTUSWatch: FYI, Personal Racism Doesn’t Matter

    The Voting Rights Act of 1965 (“VRA”) came under the Supreme Court’s review this term.  Shelby County, Alabama sued, alleging that Sections 4 and 5 of the VRA were unconstitutional.  The VRA safeguards the ability of minority groups to vote.  Section 4 lists criteria that the federal government uses to determine whether a given jurisdiction…

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  • SCOTUS Watch: Synthesized DNA is A-OK

    The Supreme Court today decided that isolating naturally occurring DNA is not eligible for a patent, but synthesized (lab-created) DNA is. The case involved the well-known BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which can involve mutations that increase the likelihood of breast cancer. Myriad Genetics argued that it pioneered the process of isolating the genes that increase…

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  • Judge Edith Jones: When Federal Judges Speak Their Minds

    What does it mean when a federal circuit judge airs her most deeply-held racist convictions in a speech?  Is it illegal? Can she get fired? And how the hell did she get into a position of  power in the first place? A collection of civil rights groups, professional responsibility advocates, and law school professors have…

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