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Dear White Sox Fans …

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Photo: “Wrigley Field, Home of the Cubs,” by Paul Cogswell on Flickr

Photo: “Wrigley Field, Home of the Cubs,” by Paul Cogswell on Flickr

Thank you for reminding us, again, that you’re fans of the South Siders.

Although, it was kind of a giveaway, what with the matching jacket and cap. Not to mention the faded “2005 World Series Champions” bumper sticker on your pickup truck. And the Sox flag you fly off your front porch year-round, rain, snow, sleet, and dark of night. Oh, and your baseball jersey collection. The one that represents each time the Sox changed their uniform – and their team colors (?!) – during the 1970s and ’80s. Except for the shorts uniform. For some reason, none of you likes the shorts uniform.

In any event, we get it. For reasons known only to you, it’s critically important that every sentient being in the universe knows and understands that you’re White Sox fans. And that you hate the Cubs. Yes, yes. We know. It’s critically important that everyone knows just how much you hate the other team from the city you call home. Or, from the city near the suburb you call home.

Fair enough.

But, actually, the thing is … the Cubs’ home opener is today. And we were kind of talking about that, if you don’t mind.

Oh, yes, right. Your team won the 2005 World Series. Got it. Again, the bumper sticker reminds us of that. But, you know … message received.

And, yeah, your team won the 1917 World Series, too. And the 1906 Series. That one was against the Cubs? You don’t say. I’ve never heard that before.

But, as I was saying. It’s Opening Day at Wrigley. The ivy’s not quite green yet, thanks to the murderously long winter we just endured, but there are signs. This is a team on the move. Not this year; probably not next year. But it’s a team with long term potential, as Grantland’s Rany Jazayerli explained in painstaking detail last month. Despite their disappointing finish the past two years – and the their likely disappointing finish this year – Team Epstein and Hoyer are actually making progress. And they’re making progress under circumstances that are far more difficult than they faced in Boston.

So, it’s an exciting time to be a Cub fan. Epstein, Hoyer & Co. are developing some great prospects in the farm system, like Javier Baez, Kris Bryant and Jorge Soler. And they’ve made some crafty moves with the pitching staff, too, “trying,” as Jazayerli says, “to acquire underrated pitchers cheaply, and then flip them for something better if the opportunity arises.” All of this will take time, of course, but if you have a little patience, it  –

Wait. What’s that? Yes, yes. We know. You hate the Cubs. You want them to rot in hell. And did you mention, you’re White Sox fans?

Yes. Yes, you did.


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