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Your Friday Clash Song: ¡Esta Undecision Me Molesta!

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The Clash In New York

A low-rider-y version of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” from the unreleased Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg mix, which eventually became Combat Rock (1982). I like this version better than the final Combat Rock mix because, as the Clash Wiki says, the “Rat Patrol mix features far more Spanish vocals from Joe Strummer, the way the song was initially performed live (such as the appearance on Saturday Night Live).”

Ah, yes. The Clash on Saturday Night Live. I remember it well: October 1982, my senior year in college. Which means – gasp! – I graduated 30 years ago this month.

That’s unpossible, as the kids say. (The kids still say that, don’t they? DON’T THEY???)

Anyway, speaking of thirty years ago, that’s when the Clash effectively came to an end. From the band’s official website:

The Clash’s last-ever gig featuring the three founding members from 1976 – Strummer, Jones and Simonon – took place on 28 May 1983 at the Us Festival, a huge outdoor event held at the Glen Helen Regional Park, Los Angeles. The festival was organised by the Apple computers guru Steve Wozniak, and The Clash headlined the ‘New Music’ night… . Before the show, the band had called an emergency press conference to explain they wouldn’t play unless the organisers made a $100,000 donation to a summer camp for disadvantaged children; this the organisers did, fearing the event would descend into chaos. The Clash eventually took the stage two hours later, and finished the evening fighting with a DJ whose onstage announcements after their last song was seen as an attempt to rob them of an encore. Three months later, Mick Jones left the group, effectively signalling its end.

So, yeah, that’s what the Clash were doing thirty years ago while you were busy worrying about your hair. What? Wasn’t everybody worrying about their hair thirty years ago?

Well, whether you had good hair or bad hair back in the day, here’s a solid live performance of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” from 1983, similar to the Live: From Here To Eternity version:

Turn it up, people. Turn. It. Up.

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