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Your Friday Clash Song: I Want In, I Want Out, Hey Jailer!

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Apropos of my recent post on Trayvon Martin, “Kill Time,” a ska-inspired track from the unreleased Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg collection. Unlike previous Rat Patrol songs I’ve featured here, this one is not on Combat Rock (1982).

Shout, everybody shout: hey waiter!
I want in, I want out, hey jailer!
Run, walk this way, that way, buy a paper
Or reach easy down on your knees, for later …

Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. But the Clash were pretty experimental at this point in their career, so, what’re ya gonna do.

In any event, the real reason I chose this song is that it’s also known as “Idle In The Kangaroo Court W1.” According to The Clash Wiki, “in 2006 rumours appeared on the internet that according to Mick Jones the actual title of the song is ‘Idle In the Kangaroo Court W1’, but these claims have never been substantiated or sources been named.” There may be some substance to those “rumours,” though, because the soon-to-be-released box set called Sound System will include the track under the title, “Idle In Kangaroo Court (Outtake listed as Kill Time).” (That would be Disc 10, Track 12, if you’re scoring at home.)

Heh. “Idle In The Kangaroo Court.” That may or may not have some bearing on my assertion that the court system does a better job at truth-finding than the media usually does. So, make of that what you will.

But whatever you do …

Turn. It. Up.

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