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Elon James White is an award winning writer, performer and the CEO of This Week in Blackness, publisher of VALID.

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  • jamilah
    GOP Condemn A Black Woman Over A Tweet: A Timeline | #StandWithJamilah

    The morning of Thursday March 27, 2014, Jamilah Lemieux was tweeting about Kobe Bryant’s latest comments in the New Yorker Magazine. In the middle of that discussion, she tweeted: About 15 minutes later, @BETpolitichick responded to Lemieux and included @orlandowatson @Raffiwilliams @hugheynewsome on the tweet. Lemieux responded: At this point, Raffi Williams joined the conversation…

  • wealth-twib
    NY Times Explains Downside of Inciting Envy While Missing The Point

    I’m not sure what I’m expecting from the New York Times nowadays. When a newspaper asks whether they should point out lying politicians you probably shouldn’t really be surprised by anything after that. Some of the writing from the Times makes me wonder if the newsprint ink they’re using is actually liquified privilege. But let’s…

  • mhp_val
    A quick note on Melissa Harris-Perry

    I didn’t want to really weigh in too much about the idiotic controversy that sprung up around Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry because she’s a friend and I didn’t want to come off as if I’m just defending her because “I like her!” But in the last week I’ve seen more flat-out insane comments and reactions to…

  • ejw_3yrold
    NBC Investigations Discovers 3-Year-Old Information | #Obamacare #ACA

    In the cable news world everyone wants to seem like they’re fair and balanced. CNN makes fun of MSNBC, MSBNC makes fun of Fox News, Fox News makes fun of everyone who doesn’t agree with Fox News. It’s a madhouse of folks claiming they are the real deal while everyone else is biased. Then you…

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