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Jasiri-X Speaks: If Trayvon Killed Zimmerman

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The Zimmerman trial verdict has brought along with it all manner of commentary on issues of racially motivated violence in our country today. Some of the best and brightest minds from every avenue of expression are coming forward to lend their voices against the grave injustices committed against people of color in recent months. Up-and-coming emcee and activist Jasiri-X has been an outspoken critic of events surrounding Trayvon Martin’s murder since it happened, taking to YouTube and various other digital outlets to express his disdain and outrage against the American judicial system. His most recent piece, “Imagine If Trayvon Killed Zimmerman”, requires little in the way of introduction.

Do you wanna know how messed up the system is?

Imagine if Trayvon killed George Zimmerman

You think Trayvon would have been found innocent?

He would have faced a lifetime of imprisonment

See Stand Your Ground only works if you’re a citizen

So that right isn’t his only whites benefit

We are not legitimate that fact is definitive

Don’t believe ask Marissa Alexander if it is

To protect herself in her own home with her kids

Fired a warning shot she got a twenty-year sentencing

Now that’s ridiculous but all Blacks are witnesses

Of the hatred in this nation that’s run by hypocrites

Would the NRA have backed Trayvon?

Would Fox News tell white folks if he gets off, stay calm?

We know the truth so I won’t go no further

Cause Trayvon was found guilty of his own murder

To learn more about Jasiri-X and the amazing work he’s been doing both in and out of hip-hop, click here.

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