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Kasiem Walters: The NYPD Is The ‘Biggest Gang’ In New York

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Kasiem Walters, spokesperson for Communities For Police Reform (CPR) and the first subject in a series of recent videos promoting reform of New York’s Stop & Frisk Policy, knows a thing or two about gang activity. After all, the eighteen-year-old Brooklyn native has been stopped and frisked by the NYPD more then ten times since he was twelve years old.

“I tell people all the time: [the] NYPD is the biggest gang in New York. It’s so funny; they’re so focused on gangs, and they’ve become a gang themselves . . . I was telling someone the other day: give me any characteristic of a gang that the NYPD doesn’t do, and he couldn’t,” Kasiem told me during a recent interview during the Adobe Youth Voices International Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Gang activity in East Flatbush—Kasiem’s neighborhood, as well as the home of Kimani Gray, the young teen slain by NYPD officers earlier this year—has become more prevalent in recent years, making his observation a poignant one, and worthy of investigative merit. As the gang presence in New York has increased, so has the police response, primarily through Stop and Frisk. But have their tactics begun to mimic too closely those of the gangs they claim to be in principled opposition to?

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