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Steve Harvey and Paula Deen Team Up for Black Boys

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On the Steve Harvey show last week, celebrity chef and grandmotherly racist Paula Deen came on to talk about her partnering with America’s Favorite Creepy Uncle to mentor 100 black boys. Deen and her culinary team will teach attendees of the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp how to cook. Great idea, right? Steve explained his reasons for choosing Deen:

“I didn’t reach out to Paula directly, but to her staff, who brought the idea to her, and she agreed to take as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah and teach them culinary skills. There has to be a good behind everything. This is how you get something from something. This woman to me…I just know the good in her, and it outweighs the bad by a landslide. Now, when you write about this in the blog, type at the end that I don’t give a damn.”

While I think it’s great that Steve believes in second chances, I can’t help but worry about 100 black boys being exposed to a woman who makes jokes about her bodyguard being as “black as the board behind her.” Deen’s tearful apology videos make for great spectacle, but her inability to take responsibility for the things she’s said–instead blaming it on her upbringing–makes her a better punchline than mentor. Besides, anyone endorsed by the King of the 50-Button Suits should be properly vetted at least twice.

Let’s just hope that Deen doesn’t lure the boys back to her Whoville manse to work in her kitchen.

Jamie Nesbitt-Golden

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